3 Myths People in Indianapolis Believe About Selling A House Directly

3 Myths People Believe About Selling Your House Directly in Indianapolis

There are so many options available once you’ve decided to sell your home, and it can be confusing to know which sales method best suits your house and your unique circumstances. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a fair price for your home by selling your house to a direct buyer without going through all of the hassles (and expense!) of listing? Imagine selling your home and not having to clean up or keep everything spotless for an impromptu showing appointment or worry about making thousands of dollars in repairs. These are just some of the benefits of selling a house directly.

However, rumor has it that direct buyers like us are only out to take advantage of sellers. We’re here to steal your equity! Rahr! Beware! Nah, that’s mostly fake news. Read on as we dispel three popular myths people in Indianapolis believe about selling a house directly

Unfair Methods

Most people don’t have alot of experience with selling a house directly. Probably the first issue we run up against is that alot of people in Indianapolis think that local cash buyers are going to use some sort of tactical advantage against them when selling their house. This could be anything from misrepresenting the current or after-repair value of the house, to making constant comments about things with the house that need repair, improvement or cleanout. Sometimes fear the buyer will attempt to make you cough up an asking price for your house before you even fully understand what it’s worth. Unfortunately, it’s true that some cash home buyers do this and more, so I’m not saying that every buyer you meet will be on the up and up (do people still say that?). What I am telling you is that when you deal with 317 Home Buyers you’re going to be treated fairly and all the information you need to make an informed decision will be presented to you in its most true and complete form. I want to cover every base so that at the end of the day if a seller decides to move forward they can do so knowing that the actual best choice was to sell their house directly.  

Con Artists

As I alluded to above, there are bad apples in any profession. However, that simply sucks when the bad apples can affect people’s ability to successfully sell their house. Alot of sellers in the Indy area have the idea that cash house buyers are just straight con artists (I know, this is kind of an extension of the previous paragraph, it’s ok). This may be true in many instances, but it most likely isn’t the case when you’re working a licensed real estate agent who is also a direct house buyer (hey, that’s me!). Anyway, I have a license with the state and an affiliation with the National and Indiana Association of Realtors. I’m not going to put that at risk and I would tend to believe that most others with similar qualifications won’t either. This isn’t the case with everyone, and I understand that as I said previously. This is why at every appointment that I go on I give my potential sellers an information sheet titled “Questions for your House Buyer”. These questions will help you qualify or disqualify the people who are trying to buy your house so that you can be sure you’re working with someone who will take care of you and be able to successfully close the transaction with you. Upstanding professional investors like us here at 317 Home Buyers DO exist and we do everything we can to make sure we operate above board and that our sellers needs are met when they are selling a house directly.

Hidden Costs

When you work with a direct buyer, there shouldn’t be any surprise fees hidden in the contract to deplete the profits you thought you’d be walking away with at closing. Direct buyers do not represent anyone as agents, so you won’t be paying any real estate agent commissions off the top of the sale. Similarly there shouldn’t be any upfront fees before the sale, either. Everything should be spelled out clearly in writing. The contracts for a direct sale are incredibly straightforward (at least ours are). You shouldn’t have to worry about paying for inspections or appraisals, nor should you have to pay any closing costs when you’re selling your house directly. That was alot of “should” wasn’t it? Well, not all house buyers work the same way. Some Indianapolis cash house buyers ARE out there slinging in extra fees and figuring out how to hide extra money in the deal for themselves while taking it from you. When you’re working with a highly respected direct buyer like 317 Home Buyers, all the numbers will be laid out clearly in the agreement you sign. Our sellers know with full confidence what they’ll receive at closing when they’re selling a house directly.

Learn the truth for yourself. The professionals at 317 Home Buyers have years of experience with the problems home sellers face, which is why 317 Home Buyers will stop and take the time to listen to you. Our goal is to help you develop the best plan for your unique situation so that you get the best results possible. Call 317 Home Buyers at 317-623-4734 or send us a message today.

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