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The process of selling a house can bring stress, consume time, and incur expenses. We can help you to alleviate the stress of the home selling process and provide you with the assurance that your house-related concerns are entirely resolved. When you work with 317 Home Buyers to get a cash offer for your house you actually CAN sell your house fast in Indianapolis – all without the need to repair, showcase, wait for buyer financing, or evict tenants.

We are a Indianapolis cash home buyer and we help people every week who need to sell their house fast.

We assist Hoosiers facing a variety of challenging situations, including those in foreclosure, undergoing a divorce, relocating with difficulties in selling their house, burdened by a vacant property they wish to part with, landlords weary of tenant-related issues, individuals who’ve inherited a property they don’t wish to keep, honest folks encountering job loss unable to cover mortgage payments or agent fees, and many other reasons that make listing with an agent an impractical choice.

What do all of these different people have in common with one another?

  • They deserve honest and equitable treatment.
  • They need a swift resolution that provides immediate cash in their hands.
  • They shouldn’t be burdened with covering additional costs such as real estate agent fees, closing fees, and more.
  • They simply want to put an end to the troubles caused by their house.

… and 317 Home Buyers can help them achieve all of these.

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So Who Are We?

317 Home Buyers is a well respected Indianapolis cash home buyer. We are local real estate experts who are dedicated to assisting homeowners such as yourself, in selling your house quickly with no fuss, complications, or charges. Our commitment is to provide this service to our fellow Hoosiers with openness and honesty at every step of the process. We’re a small two person team so you’ll get personal service directly from the owner, not some sales person in a cubicle 5,000 miles away. You can learn more about us here.

We buy houses in Indianapolis and throughout much of the 317 area code. Regardless of the location or condition of your house, we’re equipped to help you sell your house quickly because we’re familiar with the local Indianapolis real estate market.

While our owner holds a valid Indiana real estate license, our primary objective isn’t to list and sell your house conventionally. As a professional Indianapolis cash home buyer, we come prepared with our own funds and are ready to buy your house directly, without the need to list it or deal with the time and fees of an on-market sale. We’ll present you with an offer to buy your house, and the decision to accept the offer is entirely up to you. Feel free to explore other options, discuss it with others, and take your time deciding; we adhere to a strict no-pressure approach. Many satisfied clients vouch for the sense of relief they felt by knowing we weren’t going to hit them with high pressure sales tactics. If our offer doesn’t align with your preferences and you opt to list your house on the market, we’re here to assist with that process as well. We sell the houses that we flip and we can help you sell your house too if that’s the best solution for you.

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