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Years ago, well before 317 Home Buyers was even a fleeting thought and while I was still on active duty, my father and grandfather both passed away within months of one another.  As you can imagine, this created an extremely turbulent situation for my family.  My half-brother and I were named co-executors of our Grandfather’s estate and placed in charge of the disposition of the assets, including the house.  The house definitely needed some help and we didn’t have any money for repairs.  Not knowing where else to turn, we listed the house as-is with a local agent after we had an auction service come clean it out (which we paid for out of the auction proceeds).  Eighty-four days later (yes, 84 days) we accepted an offer and a couple months after that, it was finally sold.  The prolonged time it took to sell the house was hard on all of us, and we (at least my wife and I) were elated when it was sold and gone.  It truly was sad to us that a house which used to harbor so much happiness had become the epicenter of negativity in our family’s life.  So – that’s why I eventually created 317 Home Buyers.  Any real estate investor can “pay cash and close quick”.  Not everyone can understand your problem and help you find a way to solve it.  I can, and I will, because I have experienced it too and I’m proud of the work that my wife and I do with 317 Home Buyers.

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Darren Finney is the owner of 317 Home Buyers and is a licensed broker and REALTOR® in Indiana. Darren served in the United States Marine Corps for 22 years, and returned to his home state of Indiana to start his real estate career after exiting the service in 2016.  He is a member of the Central Indiana Real Estate Investors Association, the Indiana Real Estate Investors Association, the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of REALTORS®, and the National Association of REALTORS®.  Darren met his wife Tracy while he was assigned to Marine Corps Security Forces duty at Naval Sub Base Bangor, Washington.  They enjoy their shared pursuit of CrossFit, local sports (Go Tribe!) and live music.

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We utilize different phone numbers in order to help us gauge the efficacy of different marketing platforms. You may have seen any of the following numbers on different marketing pieces that you received from us: 317-526-5106, 317-623-4734, 317-526-1458 but rest assured they all belong to 317 Home Buyers and that they are our ONLY phone numbers. Thanks for understanding!

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