5 Reasons To Work With a Real Estate Investor Over a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House in Indianapolis

5 Reasons To Work With a Real Estate Investor Over a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your House in Indianapolis

Are you looking to sell your house in Indianapolis? If so, you may be considering hiring a real estate agent. However, there is another option that could be a better fit for you. Working with a real estate investor can offer several advantages over hiring an agent when it comes to selling your house quickly.

When it comes to selling a house in Indianapolis, most people automatically think of hiring a real estate agent and hoping for the best. However, there are numerous advantages to working with a Indianapolis cash home buyer that you may not have considered. In this article, I’ll explore some of the many benefits of collaborating with an investor. If you have any inquiries about selling your property in Indianapolis, feel free to contact us!

Save Time

When it comes to selling your property, working with a professional and experienced Indianapolis cash home buyer can significantly expedite the process. Unlike traditional buyers, real estate investors have the advantage of being able to close much more quickly. With a direct sale to 317 Home Buyers, you can expect to finalize the transaction in just a matter of days, as opposed to waiting for weeks or most likely months with a traditional MLS sale.

One of the main reasons why investors can close so quickly is that they typically don’t rely on banks for financing. Unlike traditional buyers who may encounter delays due to the mortgage approval process, an investor uses either their own cash or the cash of other private lenders. This eliminates the need for inspections, appraisals, and other time-consuming underwriting hurdles from traditional banks that can prolong the selling process.

Opting to sell your house directly to 317 Home Buyers allows you to skip the delays you’ll experience with an MLS sale and receive your funds much faster. Without a lengthy inspection and appraisal period, you can smoothly transition to your next endeavor without any unnecessary headaches or delays.

Sell As-Is

When you work with a cash home buyer rather than a real estate agent in Indianapolis to expedite the sale of your house, you’ll have the opportunity to sell it as-is, hassle-free. You won’t need to address any repairs, cleaning, staging or photography. At 317 Home Buyers, we buy houses in Indianapolis as-is, without any expenses or unexpected surprises. That’s why we’ve got a reputation among our clients and our peers for being one of the Indianapolis‘s best cash home buyers.

Skip The Showings

When you enlist a real estate agent to sell your house in Indianapolis, you just know you’re going to have multiple showings on your house for potential buyers. This can pose challenges, especially if you’re still residing in the home. Maintaining a high state of cleanliness and staging for impromptu viewings can be demanding – even more so if you have pets. While it’s essential to attract attention and arrange showings when selling through an agent, there’s no doubt it’s highly inconvenient for occupants. Coordinating everyone’s schedules and vacating the premises for showings can be tiring. However, when you opt to sell your house directly, you can bypass all the extra property showings because we only need to see it once!

Peace of Mind

When you sell your house to a professional Indianapolis cash home buyer, you can rest assured that the sale will go through smoothly. Listing your house with an agent offers no guarantees unfortunately. You have no idea when a buyer will emerge, how long the process will take once a buyer does materialize, or if the deal will fall through before it gets to closing. This uncertainty can leave you feeling unsettled, not knowing what the future holds, and can be immensely stressful for both you and your family. However, by working with 317 Home Buyers to sell your house in Indianapolis, you have none of those worries or stresses. This allows you to plan ahead and gain the peace of mind you deserve when selling your house in Indianapolis.

Keep Your Cash In Your Pocket

Simply put, hiring a real estate agent in Indianapolis may not be the best option for every homeowner. When you work with an agent, you’ll end up paying commissions and closing costs, expenses that you can avoid with a direct sale to 317 Home Buyers. Moreover, by selling your house to us you’ll save money on marketing, cleaning, staging, repairs, and other tasks typically associated with listing a property. Plus, you’ll sell your house fast and reduce your holding costs because we can close in days, unlike the weeks or months a traditional sale usually takes. Working with 317 Home Buyers will help you sell your house faster, allowing you to keep more money in your pocket!

Many homeowners overlook the benefits of working with a professional Indianapolis cash buyer. We’d be delighted to go over the numbers with you so you can make the best decision for selling your home. For numerous homeowners in Indianapolis, partnering with 317 Home Buyers to sell their homes has been the solution they’ve been searching for!

Learn more about working with a real estate investor as opposed to a real estate agent in Indianapolis! Reach out to us today to get all of the information you need! 317-623-4734

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