What To Spend Money On When It’s Time to Sell Your House in Indianapolis

Are you thinking it’s time to sell your house in Indianapolis? Boosting its value can be achieved through various means, but not all are equally beneficial. In our latest post, discover the most worthwhile investments when selling your house in Indianapolis and strategies to minimize your expenses and hopefully eliminate waste!

When it comes to selling your house, you have a couple of options to consider. You can sell it in its current condition to a Indianapolis cash home buyer like 317 Home Buyers, or you can opt to make some repairs and renovations and list your house for sale on the MLS. Selling your house “as-is” requires minimal time and zero upfront costs, while alternatively, listing your property on the MLS can be quite pricey initially. It’s crucial to spend your money wisely, investing only in upgrades and enhancements that genuinely enhance your home’s value. Here are some recommended steps if you choose to sell your house in Indianapolis on the MLS…or even For Sale By Owner.

Curb Appeal

The initial impression a buyer gets upon seeing a house can heavily influence their decision to purchase it or not. That initial impression is vital, often occurring within the first few seconds of arrival or even when they’re looking at the pictures online. It’s essential to create a sense of warmth, ensuring potential buyers feel at home from the moment they arrive. Consider investing in landscaping improvements and replacing items like the mailbox, address numbers, and front door to enhance curb appeal. Regular maintenance such as lawn mowing and landscaping upkeep is also crucial. Each prospective buyer should encounter a well-maintained front yard, leaving a positive impression.

New Interior Fixtures

Upgrading fixtures is an excellent strategy for increasing the value of your house before you list it for sale. Consider replacing items such as door handles, faucets, drawer pulls, and even cabinet hinges. It’s important to budget accordingly for this, as you may need more new fixtures than anticipated and if my experience in house flipping is any indicator…they’re going to cost more than you would ever have thought. However, investing in these upgrades can significantly enhance the overall appeal and perceived value of your home to potential buyers and help you sell your house more quickly.

Define Spaces

Ensure that the spare bedroom serves its intended purpose as a bedroom, rather than being multipurpose. Confusingly defined spaces can subconsciously deter buyers. If the room functions primarily as an office, consider removing the bed. Clearly defining the purpose of each space helps buyers envision how they can utilize the property to meet their needs. Often when we stage the properties that we flip, spare bedrooms get no furniture at all so they just appear as a blank slate to buyers and their imaginations can run wild.

Spruce Up The Entryway

As I said initially, creating a positive first impression is crucial. Curb appeal is extremely important, but so is the condition of the entry way. As soon as visitors enter, they should feel welcomed and comfortable. Enhance the entryway by adding side tables, fresh artwork, or a vibrant vase of flowers to create an inviting atmosphere.

New Carpets

Worn-out or stained carpet can be a major deterrent for potential buyers. Unsightly stains and signs of wear can discourage buyers from envisioning themselves in the home. Installing new carpet throughout the house can significantly improve the overall appearance, giving the space a fresh and inviting look. Additionally, if you have carpet in rooms where it doesn’t make sense anymore…hint, nobody wants carpeted bathrooms these days…you don’t have to spring for ceramic tile but you still need to get the carpet out of there. There are a lot of flooring options these days that can help to freshen up a space and make it more modern such as vinyl plank.


Painting is often one of the first tasks homeowners tackle when preparing to sell their house. While you might consider painting the interior yourself to save money, a botched paint job can be glaringly obvious to potential buyers. Investing in a professional painter is worth the cost, especially for larger homes in Indianapolis. Allocate a few thousand dollars for this project, ensuring the colors are neutral to appeal to a wider range of buyers. Avoid attempting to touch up damaged areas, as it can raise questions from buyers and home inspectors about other hidden issues.

Staging & Storage

Hiring a professional staging company can greatly enhance the appeal of your house while it’s on the market. This allows you to declutter and store personal items offsite, presenting a clean and inviting space to potential buyers. If staging the entire house isn’t feasible, focus on key rooms to make the most impact. Statistics show that when you’re ready to sell your house, investing in professional staging is one of the best things you can do to impact the speed your house sells and the price it sells for.

If spending on all these items either isn’t in your financial budget or your time budget, maybe it’s time to speak with a cash home buyer in Indianapolis like 317 Home Buyers. We buy houses in Indianapolis for cash which means that there’s no waiting around for a traditional mortgage process from an on-market buyer. Before investing in repairs and enhancements, consider the benefits of working with a direct home buyer in Indianapolis. With a direct sale, you incur zero costs and bypass agent commissions, providing a hassle-free selling experience.

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