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What Are The Different Fees Paid To Agents Versus Paid To Investors?

You’re eager to sell your house and profit from the sale, but have you considered that selling it might entail additional expenses and actually cost you money? In this blog post, I’ll discuss what are the different fees paid to agents versus paid to investors.

It’s a reality check for sure—selling your house might come with costs. While this isn’t a universal truth, it’s not an uncommon scenario. Understanding the costs of selling your home is crucial as it can influence your decision-making process on whether to engage an agent or opt for a direct sale to a cash home buyer in Indianapolis.

What Are The Different Fees Paid To Agents Versus Paid To Investors? — Agent Fees

An agent acts as your home’s salesperson, actively seeking out buyers for your house. They achieve this by listing your property in the MLS and employing diverse marketing strategies to attract potential buyers.

So, when working with an agent, you’ll likely incur several fees. The fees paid to agents typically include a commission, which is most often calculated as a percentage of the sale price. This means if you negotiated a 7% commission to be paid to your agent, and your house sells for $200,000 then you’ll have to shell out $14,000 in commissions at closing. Additionally, there could be other expenses charged by either the agent or their brokerage such as advertising fees, listing fees, brokerage fees, sign placement fees. You’ll also have to pay your own closing costs, title company fees, etc and potentially end up paying some of those same fees for your buyer too. It’s important to inquire about these fees upfront with the agent, and also ask them to give you an idea of what your closing costs might be.

What Are The Different Fees Paid To Agents Versus Paid To Investors? — Investor Fees

Here’s something you may find surprising: when you work with most Indianapolis cash home buyers, there are typically no fees or expenses involved for you as the seller. Investors like us at 317 Home Buyers usually cover all the expenses associated with selling your house. Additionally, since they’re not acting as your real estate agent and aren’t listing your house, there’s no commission to pay. Still, it’s essential to clarify with any investor which costs they are covering when they buy your house to prevent any surprises from coming up at the closing table.

The One “Fee” You May Not Be Thinking Of

There’s a couple more types of expenses to consider: when you work with an agent, they may advise you to make repairs to your house, and you’ll be responsible for paying bills and taxes until the agent finds a buyer. While these aren’t direct fees to the agent, they’re still costs you’ll have to absorb – and worse, they’ll have to be paid up front rather than from the proceeds of the sale. However, when you sell the house to us, you won’t have to make any repairs at all because we buy houses in Indianapolis as-is. We also have the ability to close the purchase quickly, so you end up saving the holding expenses as well.

So what’s right for you? It really depends on your situation, how fast you need to sell your house and the lengths you’re willing to go to for a traditional MLS sale.

If you want to go over this in more detail or confirm that we won’t charge you any fees if you sell your house to us then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to walk you through it.

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