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You know it, we know it, everybody knows it. People in the market to buy a house are ogling the million dollar mansion on some TV show and they expect your house to look the same way or they won’t buy it. The norms of what buyers expect from a house for sale on the real estate market has evolved, and in many ways, technological advances have influenced these changes. As a result, the world of real estate has transformed. It’s helpful to understand what buyers of today are seeking when scrolling through listings online so we’ve got some great selling tips for you that we even employ ourselves.

We’ve created a short list of selling tips that regardless if you choose to sell your home for yourself, typically referred to as an FSBO, or work with a real estate agent, they should help you have a successful sale of your Indianapolis house. Keep reading and try to incorporate as many of our selling tips as possible so that you have the best chance of selling your house quickly in Indianapolis and for as much money as you can get.

Updates, Upgrades, and Repairs

Selling Tip #1: Refresh the appearance of your Indianapolis home with some paint, flooring and any minor fixes, such as squeaky doors. These little things matter as buyers walk through the property during showings. Significant repairs are an entirely different matter and can become a stumbling block to selling your house in Indianapolis. There is also the matter of legal risks when it comes to disclosure, and it could be costly if you attempt to hide problems. If you don’t want to do any significant repair work or can’t afford to, you may have to sell your house as-is on the market but there’s no telling how long that could take or what price you’d eventually end up selling your house for. As an alternative, 317 Home Buyers will take all of the risks and buy your home as-is for cash right now.


Selling Tip #2: you have to get your Indianapolis property marketed. First, it’s worth hiring professionals for high-quality digital photography and 360-degree virtual drone tours, which may require professional pilots. Second, as an additional aspect of marketing, you should also invest in staging your house. Additionally, staging has become an industry-standard because it increases home sales, as buyers can more easily imagine themselves living in the property when touring the home during a showing, whether in person or virtual. If none of that sounds like stuff you’re willing or able to do, you can skip all that expense and hassle by selling directly to 317 Home Buyers for a price you’ll agree is fair.


Selling Tip #3: Get that price right. No, it’s not a guess, and you definitely have to remove your emotions from the process. Run the comps. Be honest with yourself. Compare the homes that are the most like and nearest your own house which have sold recently, adding or subtracting the values of any differences in the features. Don’t try to compare your house in price to one that’s 1,000 square feet bigger, or one that’s just been flipped and has all-new everything if yours hasn’t been updated since the 70s. It can be a painful process to do – after all, it’s your house and you like it that way! But as we said above, Buyers are looking for what they see on TV and magazines. Is your house magazine ready? If you price high, buyers know when you miss the mark and will pass on your listing, just as pricing too low can be highly costly as buyers may assume a problem exists. Either way, property that lingers on the market sells for less. Understanding the market and pricing your home accordingly is undoubtedly a super important selling tip.

317 Home Buyers

The options available to homeowners ready to sell have evolved, leading us to our final selling tip for homeowners in Indianapolis: begin your home selling process by starting with us here at 317 Home Buyers.  Possibly you’re ready to admit that your house isn’t market ready. Some people are uncomfortable having multiple showings and people tromping through their house for days or weeks on end. Maybe you just don’t want to deal with the headaches of the selling process and interruptions in your daily life. Are you selling due to financial troubles or a time crunch forcing a quick move? At 317 Home Buyers, our guaranteed closing date can be in as few as seven days. And if you need a little more time, we can hold off the closing until the date that best suits your plans. 

317 Home Buyers wants to help you decide which sales method is the best option for your circumstances. We want you to feel good about the sale long after the closing, so 317 Home Buyers is transparent about our offer, and you won’t have to worry about commissions or hidden fees coming off of the top at closing, either. To learn more, send us a message or call 317 Home Buyers at 317-623-4734.

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