Live on a Busy Street? You Can Still Sell Your Indianapolis House

Many people live on a busy street. It’s a fact of life here in Indianapolis. While you can’t pick up your house and move it to a quieter area or put orange barrels out to stop the traffic (INDOT probably bought all of them already anyway), you can take steps to enhance the property and make it more desirable to buyers, which should boost your final sales price. Let’s talk about how to sell your Indianapolis house if you live on a busy street

The Price is Right

Due to the internet buyers today are pretty savvy. They can quickly search online to see houses listed on the MLS and assess values of a property. They can also use mapping applications to see exactly where your house is and will be able to tell if it’s on a busy street or not. If your listing isn’t priced lower than similar properties on quieter streets on the Indianapolis market then buyers will just scroll right on by. Location in real estate is the one of the most critical aspects in terms of long-term value. It’s true there can be advantages to living on a main thoroughfare such as the convenience of public transportation, but there are also alot of disadvantages, especially if a buyer has young children or maybe even has animals that are sensitive to the noise (think, dogs barking every time a car goes by). While the emotional ties you feel to the property add value, if you want to sell your Indianapolis house and live on a busy street, an experienced hybrid agent investor like 317 Home Buyers can help guide you to the right asking price.

Curb Appeal

Typically when you want to add curb appeal you’re thinking about dressing up your house. If you live on a busy road and need to sell your house, then you need to take a different approach. You need to use curb appeal to either hide the house from the road or hide the road from the house. Carefully planned and attractive landscaping elements, including shrubs, fencing, or walls, add character as well as privacy. Water features like a koi pond with a waterfall are desirable to buyers and used wisely can also naturally create a sound barrier to decrease traffic noise. Busy streets tend to cause issues when it comes to parking spaces for guests. However, any steps to lessen a potential problem will increase the property’s value in the eyes of a buyer, so consider adding an extra parking area or even a garage if possible. The pros at 317 Home Buyers can help guide you to the best steps to take to sell your Indianapolis home if you live on a busy street.

Private Sanctuary

While the busy street in front of your home might have buyers thinking twice, creating a wonderland that is irresistible in the backyard can counteract any negative aspects of the property. This could be another option to help sell your Indianapolis house if you live on a busy street.

Depending upon the available space and any budgetary restrictions, you can increase interest in the property by adding at-home recreational amenities that also serve to improve your potential profit. For example, consider creating a scenic private garden with water elements or adding a resort-style pool area, making the backyard into an adult and children’s playground. You could even install sound-reducing windows to make the interior more like a quiet sanctuary

317 Home Buyers

Even though they could help you sell your home quickly, these improvements can add up just as fast. If you wonder which upgrades are worth the investment and add the necessary interest to sell your Indianapolis house if you live on a busy street, a professional like us at 317 Home Buyers can help guide you. If you’re not in a financial position to make these changes or don’t have the time or desire to deal with them, working with 317 Home Buyers to negotiate a direct home sale could be the solution you seek. At 317 Home Buyers, we will go over the profit you would make by listing the home yourself, or with a traditional real estate agent on the MLS, or by selling directly. 317 Home Buyers helps you compare all of your choices. 317 Home Buyers buys houses for cash, as-is at a fair price. To learn more ways 317 Home Buyers can help you, send us a message or call 317 Home Buyers at 317-623-4734.

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