How To Sell Your Inherited House in Indianapolis

Sell Your Inherited House Quickly  in Indianapolis

When you inherit a house in Indianapolis, it’s natural to experience a variety of emotions. From my own personal experience, I know this can be a challenging time, and it’s important to approach the situation with care as you consider what to do with the property. You may feel sentimental attachment to the house, making the idea of selling it a tough decision. However, if you ultimately decide to sell your inherited house, I’d like to give you some tips to help ensure a seamless transaction – that I wish I had known when I inherited my grandparents’ house.

Prepare The House For A Sale

Do Your Homework

Before you list or sell your inherited house privately, take the time to become familiar with it. Since you may not know all the details about the home, review any renovation and repair records, and make sure to understand any items still under warranty. This knowledge will help you present the property accurately to potential buyers. Additionally, if there are improvements or repairs that were done to the house and those happen to carry a warranty that’s transferrable to your buyer, that could help you during the sales process.

Get an Appraisal

Consider having an appraisal done on the house to gain a clear understanding of its value. This information will help you set an appropriate price when you list the property for sale. Additionally, research recent sales in the neighborhood to get an idea of the market trends and ensure your pricing is competitive.


Even if it’s vacant, it’s essential to maintain insurance coverage for your inherited house. Contact your insurance broker to discuss obtaining a policy specifically designed for vacant homes to ensure proper protection. Don’t assume that just because there was insurance on the house before you inherited it that all is well. Insurance policies generally have plenty of exclusions to protect the insurance company. Make sure the policy covers vacant premises and also includes you personally or the estate as additional insureds (talk to your attorney to get this right).


It’s likely that your inherited house has a lot of items left behind in it. That’s what happened to me when my grandfather passed. The house wasn’t just filled with memories but actual mementos and just the things that people accumulate as they live their lives. Their stuff. It’s pretty tough to go through and sort all of the things in the house but it has to be done. Consider asking friends or other family to help you out. Often it’s easier to just let the family come through and get the items or mementos they want to keep and then hire an estate auction company to handle the rest. They’ll categorize and sell everything they can, and either donate or dispose of whatever is left. This is a tough step but it’s typically unavoidable when you sell your inherited house.

Clean Up

It’s going to be much easier to sell your inherited house if it’s clean. Consider alleviating the burden by hiring a professional cleaning team after you’ve removed personal possessions from the home.

What If There Are Multiple Heirs?

When there are multiple heirs to an estate, all of them must sign off on the sale for it to be finalized regardless of whether they are co-executors or if a single executor was named. Heirs may opt to buy out each other’s shares before proceeding with the sale. However, if an agreement cannot be reached among the heirs, the court may intervene and order the house to be auctioned off or sold.

Consider Selling The Property Directly

When you inherit a house and choose to sell it, you may not want to invest a lot of money or time into the property. Selling directly to a Indianapolis cash home buyer allows you to liquidate the house without any upfront costs. Listing the house involves various expenses, including repairs, staging, photography, and possibly other administrative fees associated with your agent’s marketing and listing efforts. Additionally, when you sell your inherited house to a cash home buyer in Indianapolis you won’t need to pay a commission to a selling agent. Selling directly saves time and preserves your funds. This approach is particularly helpful when multiple heirs are involved, ensuring a quick and simple process for everyone.

Be Prepared For The Tax Man

Inherited properties may still be subject to Capital Gains taxes, which are levied upon the sale of the property and are calculated based on its value at the time of inheritance. However, not all properties are affected by these taxes. To understand how they may impact you, it’s essential to consult with your accountant or attorney for personalized advice.

Should You Hold On To It?

Avoiding seller’s remorse is crucial when dealing with inherited property. Take ample time to assess your options before making a decision. You really should consider not only your own sentiments but also those of your family members. Strive to reach a mutual agreement on the property’s fate, keeping in mind that familial harmony should take precedence over any disagreements regarding the inherited asset.

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