How To Sell A House in Indianapolis Without Breaking The Bank

Sell A House in Indianapolis Without Sinking Any Money Into It

Yep.  Let’s be real here.  You’re tired of owning a property that you don’t want or that’s costing you more than it’s worth.  Listing it on the BLC (that’s Indy’s version of MLS) can be expensive and take up more time than you care to spend. In our latest post, we can help you learn how to sell a house in Indianapolis without sinking any money into it in less time than you may think!

When most people go to sell a house, the first thing they do is search the internet or ask a friend to recommend a good agent. While some agents are great and worth their weight in gold, this isn’t always the best way for a homeowner to sell. There are lots of homeowners who need to sell a house in Indianapolis where selling as-is or a direct sale to a local home buyer can be the best way to go.

Before you decide how to sell, get the facts, and determine the selling method that will make the most sense for you. After factoring in time, money, and energy, you may learn that your ideal selling method may be different than you first thought.  Read on to learn more about what listing your house in Indianapolis could cost you.

What Does It Cost to List My Indianapolis House?

Listing your house in Indianapolis can come with a lot of costs which you may not be aware of. A few of these costs include:

  • Costs to make repairs to get ready for listing and then again after the inspection process
  • Expenses to clean and stage your house for showings and open houses
  • Marketing expenses not included with your listing (virtual tours, professional photography, etc.)
  • Holding costs while the house is on the market and during the escrow process
  • Closing costs, which can amount to 1-3% of your final sale price
  • Agent commissions which could be 6-7% of your final sale price

According to NerdWallet, if you’re going to list your house on the BLC you should plan on spending at least 10% of the final sale price on the costs of selling your home. So if your house ends up selling for $250,000, that is $25,000 out the door. That said, your costs can be higher or lower depending on the property and situation. It is essential for homeowners to understand these costs, so they know exactly what to expect when selling a house in Indianapolis.

You Can Sell Your House Without Cleaning Out Your Savings

There are a couple of ways to sell your house in Indianapolis and spend either less, or no money. You could list your house as-is on the BLC and spend less, or you could work with a direct buyer like 317 Home Buyers to purchase your property outright at no out of pocket expense to you. For some homeowners in Indianapolis, these alternative options can prove to be a better way to sell your house.

Listing Your Indianapolis House As-Is

Some owners choose to list their house As-Is on the BLC, which will make things less expensive for them. While listing your house as-is in Indianapolis will save you money on cleaning, repairs, and upgrades, you will still have to factor in commissions, holding expenses, and closing costs if it sells.  It’s a tough decision to do this because your house won’t get the same level of attention on the BLC nor will it appeal to as many Indianapolis buyers.  Just imagine if you were a buyer whose internet search turned up an As-Is property which needs thousands of dollars of repairs and upgrades with houses nearby that are freshly renovated and look like they should be on a television show. Which one would you choose to look at and buy?  Most buyers feel this same way and won’t entertain even looking at the As-Is listings unfortunately.  It’s not impossible to sell this way, it just takes time, patience and a good agent to find that perfect buyer for you.  Also, you should expect to have to deal with a lot of low-ball offers from first time or newbie investors if you go this route.

A Direct Sale To 317 Home Buyers

Selling your house directly to 317 Home Buyers will help you to avoid all of the repairs, upgrades and sales costs including marketing, holding costs, taxes, commissions, closing costs, and more. You will not have to worry about spending any money at any time during the sale. You will be able to get an offer without having to worry about any deductions or hidden fees. Our price isn’t full retail, yet the amount you can save combined with the time and energy saved may more than make up the difference.

Why Sell As-Is?

So why would somebody want to sell as-is in the first place? Wouldn’t fixing up the property add value, and create higher returns?  In a nutshell, yes it can.  If you have the time, money and energy to make those repairs and upgrades and you’re willing, then do it!   Just know, most upgrades don’t give a dollar for dollar return and poor or incorrect choices in craftsmanship and materials can be met with some harsh criticism from the end buyer on the BLC so be smart about what you do.  These are risks we take constantly, so we’re pretty well versed in them.  Many people consider these risks and discover they’d rather put their money into something less risky or more desirable, which is why they sell as-is to a direct buyer like 317 Home Buyers.

Are you ready to sell your house in Indianapolis? Before you hire an agent in Indianapolis, find out what we can do for you! You don’t have to list your house in order to sell it!

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