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The 5 Toughest Situations Homeowners Face When Selling a House in Indianapolis

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It’s crazy to me how stressful it can be to sell a house in Indianapolis especially if you don’t have the experience to navigate the process. Worse yet – there are some situations that Indianapolis house sellers experience which make selling their house even more difficult. Whether it’s a slow market or a unique property, there are several challenges that homeowners may face when selling a house in Indianapolis. Read on and I’ll tell you the five most difficult situations homeowners face when selling a house in Indianapolis, along with some tips to help you overcome these challenges.

1. A Slow Market

There’s nothing that you can do about this one, but one of the toughest things homeowners face when selling a house in Indianapolis is a slow or depressed market. I get this question all the time: “How’s the real estate market?” Well, honestly with winter approaching and interest rates rising, it’s not great. When there are more sellers than buyers, it can take longer to sell a property. As a result, you may eventually have to reduce your sales price in order to attract buyers. If you’re a homeowner who needs to sell your property quickly this could be devastating to your situation.

To overcome a depressed market, homeowners should either work with a reputable real estate broker or work with a professional buyer who will buy their home directly. A skilled agent will know how to market the property to potential buyers and may also have a network of contacts who are looking for a property like yours. If you sell direct to a professional house buying company like 317 Home Buyers, you are able to overcome the issue of a depressed market slowing down your sale because we can move quickly to buy your house, often closing the sale within two weeks of you contacting us. 

2. A Unique Property

Another issue that homeowners may face when selling a house in Indianapolis is having a “unique” property. This could be anything from a historic home or a house located within a historic district, a property with a large amount of land, or a home with unusual architecture. There’s a buyer for every house (at the right price), but it’s going to be tougher to sell these houses because their uniqueness inevitably shrinks the pool of buyers who are looking for those unique features or who don’t mind the unusual architecture.

A professional home staging company and a professional photographer may be able to help you overcome this challenge, by skillfully showcasing the unique features of the property if you’re going to list. At 317 Home Buyers, we buy homes of all shapes and sizes. 

3. A Property with Structural Issues

Houses with structural issues can be a really difficult situation for homeowners when selling a house in Indianapolis. Structural problems include foundation problems, extremely old or leaky roofs, additions or decks that aren’t permitted and/or inspected, and even outdated electrical or plumbing systems. Buyers are often hesitant to purchase a property with these types of issues because they can be expensive to repair.

If you’re going to list, you really should consider making necessary repairs before putting the property on the market. While this can be costly, it may be necessary in order to attract buyers and get the best possible price for the property. Additionally, you may want to consider offering a home warranty to potential buyers to provide peace of mind that any future repairs will be covered. At 317 Home Buyers, we buy Indianapolis houses as-is, no matter what sorts of problems they may have. 

4. An “old” Property

I’m not talking about old houses here. I’m talking about properties that haven’t been updated. This is a very tough situation to find yourself in when you’re selling your house in Indianapolis. Whether it’s the kitchen, bathrooms, wall paper everywhere – if your house feels “old” inside then buyers may not even make it past the pictures in your listing.

In this situation as with structural issues, you really need to look into performing the necessary updates to “wow” your potential buyers if you intend to list your house for sale on the market. If you are struggling with not wanting to go through the renovations or you don’t have the money to do them, 317 Home Buyers may be able to offer the solution you need. 

5. A Property in a Flood Zone

Finally, houses that sit in a flood zone can present a real obstacle for homeowners when selling a house in Indianapolis. Buyers are generally hesitant to purchase a property in a flood zone because of the potential for flooding, which can cause extensive damage to the property. Additionally, buyers will have to purchase flood insurance when they buy your house and their cost may not be the same as the cost of the flood insurance that you were able to obtain – it may be significantly higher and end up chasing buyers away.

To help overcome this challenge, homeowners should work with a real estate agent who has experience selling properties in flood zones. Additionally, you may want to consider making upgrades or improvements to the property to mitigate the risk of flooding, such as installing flood vents or elevating the property. If you choose to sell directly, rest assured that 317 Home Buyers buys houses in any part of Indianapolis.

Selling a house in Indianapolis can be a challenging process, especially if you are facing one of the five difficult situations outlined above. However, with the right approach, homeowners can overcome these challenges and successfully sell their property. Whether it’s working with a skilled real estate agent, making necessary repairs, or selling your house directly to a professional house buyer, there are several strategies you can use to navigate the selling process and achieve your goals. If you are ready to sell your house, 317 Home Buyers can help! Reach out to us today to learn more! 317-623-4734

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