5 Steps To Quickly Sell Your House in Indianapolis

Are you ready to sell your house in Indianapolis? When the time comes to sell, you’ll find several choices available to you. If you decide to take the conventional approach, follow the steps provided below! Alternatively, if you’d like to receive a direct offer to sell your house, feel free to contact 317 Home Buyers today!

Prepare Your House For the Sale

When you decide to list your property with an agent and sell on the market, you’re probably going to need to invest in repairs and conduct a thorough cleaning. These expenses can accumulate rapidly when you take into account all that is involved. Most people don’t realize that professional cleaning can cost hundreds of dollars but it does! Also, even minor fixes or painting by a handyman can be costly in some situations, let alone if you have major repairs or updates that need to be performed by a licensed General Contractor, Plumber or Electrician. Beyond the costs of cleaning and repairs, you must also factor in storage, landscaping, professional staging to be sure your house competes well with other houses on the market in Indianapolis and nearby areas. The costs to sell your house – especially if you want to sell it fast – can mount quickly!


To most successfully market and sell your house, it’s essential to collaborate with professionals. Agents offer various levels of service, and some are just better at marketing than others. Exceptional marketing starts with high-quality photos. Investing in professional photos can significantly enhance the prospects of selling your house. Additionally you’ll want to be sure your house is listed on various websites and featured in publications your potential buyers frequent. Your agent should also be able to hold open houses and send direct mail campaigns advertising your house for sale. Finally, you can leverage word-of-mouth marketing by informing everyone in your network about the house for sale; you never know who might be in search of a new home! You’ll want to be sure that you know who is paying for marketing services to sell you house – you or your agent because these costs can add up rather quickly too.

Find A Buyer

When you list your house on the market, finding a buyer isn’t guaranteed, and you may face weeks or even months of waiting for the right one. During this time, you must maintain the house, keep it neat and tidy and continue paying your mortgage. After finding a buyer, there’s the additional steps of having a home inspection and appraisal by their lender. The house must appraise at the requested price for the bank to proceed with the loan, a stage where sales frequently encounter issues. Opting for a direct sale eliminates these concerns. We have immediate cash available to buy your property without the need for traditional bank approval, ensuring that you can sell your house fast in Indianapolis!


As I mentioned above, your buyer will most likely have a home inspection done and the lender will definitely require an appraisal. After the home inspection is complete, the prospective buyer may take issue with some of the inspection items mentioned in the inspector’s report. You might need to address these concerns by either fixing the problems or offering a credit to the new homeowner for them to handle the repairs. Negotiating repair costs can significantly impact your final sale price. Further, if the appraisal doesn’t come back with at least the sale price of your house, your buyer can either back out of the deal (and keep their Earnest Money!), make up the difference in their own cash (almost never happens) or you’ll have to choose to back out yourself (they still keep their Earnest Money) or drop the sale price to the appraised value. If that’s not a stressful situation…I don’t know what is. Opting for a direct sale to 317 Home Buyers eliminates the need for any of this in order to sell your house. You don’t have to do any repairs or have any concerns about negotiating the price down the road, providing a more straightforward and hassle-free process.


Once the negotiations have been completed, the closing process can begin. It can take weeks for the bank to fund the loan. There is typically a lot of waiting while the property sits in escrow. A direct sale, however, is typically done in cash, allowing for a quick and simple process… no financing needed!

With a direct sale, selling your house is a much simpler process. 317 Home Buyers would love the opportunity to make you a direct offer on your property right now! We can close fast and are interested in all properties in the Indianapolis area! Get an offer now and close in days, not months!

Are you looking to easily sell your house in Indianapolis? We can help! Send us a message or give us a call today! 317-623-4734

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