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5 Headaches Homeowners Face When Selling Their Houses in Indianapolis

I’ve been buying and selling houses in Indianapolis for almost 5 years and there are almost always a few common hassles that homeowners and investors face when selling their houses. If you don’t want to be one of the many people dealing with a million headaches when selling their houses, there’s a simpler option. You can skip the stress of the entire real estate sales process and sell your house quickly in Indianapolis to us at 317 Home Buyers.

Curb Appeal

Do you need to make your house look nicer? Is it surrounded by a bunch of overgrown shrubbery or need a new paint job? One of the challenges homeowners encounter is investing a lot of time and money in renovating the home to make it more attractive, only to realize that the extra investment might not bring the expected return that they hoped for. Increasing curb appeal is usually necessary to sell the house fast – which does mean that you’re spending less in holding costs throughout your sale process – but it probably isn’t really going to increase your sale price. Worse yet, even though homeowners might think professional landscaping or painting isn’t going to be costly when selling their houses, they couldn’t be more wrong. We typically budget around $2000 for landscaping and roughly about $4 per sq ft of the home to paint the exterior of a one story house. That cost can spiral out of control really quick!

Repairs and Updates

Even worse, will you encounter overwhelming bills and more time waiting while professionals perform repairs or necessary upgrades? When selling your house, you can’t ignore the obvious problems with it. You’ll have to fix those before you list it for sale, or you’ll end up in a back and forth with your potential buyer to figure out who pays for any problems or defect that arise from their home inspection.

This might lead to a longer wait to sell the home, which can be expensive. Buyers often estimate repair costs on the higher side, which could reduce your profit when negotiations are finished. Plus, dealing with renovation projects can be quite inconvenient.

Clearing the Clutter

Furthermore, you’ll need to de-clutter your home and take down your decorations and family pictures before you sell your house. This might involve the cost of storing your personal belongings and paying a professional stager to prepare your house to attract buyers in today’s competitive market. Additionally, you’ll have to manage arrangements for any pets during buyer visits, ensuring that your home is always in a presentable condition.

This can become tiring after several months on the market. It’s a continual challenge to keep a home clean and ready for showings all the time. Some families find the stress of showings too much and choose to live in a temporary home while selling their houses because they just don’t want to have to deal with all of the showings.

Dealing with Buyers

If you’re going to try selling your home in Indianapolis by yourself – meaning “for sale by owner” or FSBO – it’s crucial to be cautious about what you say to potential buyers. You don’t want to give away information to them that could drive them away from wanting to buy the house or help them negotiate against you. You should also brace yourself for bargain hunters who may make low offers, and try not to take it personally. Another pitfall of a FSBO sale is that when people are selling their houses they fail to properly vet their buyer and their ability to purchase the house. This leads to a lot of disappointment when the buyers they’ve been negotiating with aren’t even qualified to buy the property.

There are also buyers who are merely window shopping, looking at other properties for inspiration and consuming your valuable time. They’ll call you for a showing, stop by your open houses and just generally waste your time because they never were actually interested in buying it in the first place. Real estate agents call these people “Looky-Loos”. Listing your own home can indeed be challenging, not to mention stressful and frustrating.

Legal Risks

Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. Those are some of the most important words for home sellers when they’re selling their houses. Under most traditional real estate contracts, there is a potential for the buyer to sue you if they feel they didn’t get all of the information, or if they feel the facts were misconstrued. We already know the state of the property and take on that risk.

Repairs, upgrades, the hassle of showings and constantly dealing with the antics that arise when dealing with buyers in general and assuming all of the financial and legal risks real estate transactions can bring all can take their toll. Why not just avoid facing all of the aggravation and headaches from the start and sell your house here in Indianapolis to us instead?

Or You Could Sell Your House Quickly

There are alot of companies who say we buy homes for cash in Indianapolis, and there some who actually mean it. We are one of the most respected cash home buyers in Indianapolis thanks to our outstanding reputation among the people we help and our peers. Please consider 317 Home Buyers if you need help with a piece of real estate or need to sell your house quickly in Indianapolis.

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